WELEDA Baby - teething powder, 60g

WELEDA Baby - teething powder, 60g

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Ideal for restless and teething babies as a calming and soothing remedy, WELEDA Baby Teething Powder has been used effectively by mothers for many years. Baby Teething Powder combines homoeopathic ingredients, traditionally used in anthroposophic and homoeopathic medicine, to help relieve the discomfort and restlessness of teething in babies and children. Helps calm and soothe.

Teething may be indicated by swollen or red gums, excessive dribbling, chomping or chewing on hands or other objects, red cheeks, or runny poo.

Directions: May be dabbed onto gums directly using your fingertip, or mix 1/4 level teaspoon (equivalent of 1g) of WELEDA Teething Powder with warm water and give to baby to drink. For babies who have been introduced to solids, the powder may be given straight. Treat three to four times daily throughout the teething period, up to a maximum of six doses fifteen minutes apart.

Homoeopathic medicine, always read the label and follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional.

Ingredients: Contains equal parts of homeopathic ingredients chamomilla root 20x for calming and soothing pain associated with teething and conchae 6x (oyster shell - natural calcium carbonate) for soothing aches and pains in a lactose base.