about Sonia

Sonia Tzerefos is a GAPS Specialist, Naturopath, Western Herbalist an overall Wellness Coach but most importantly, a Mum.

Her interest in Natural Therapies and holistic healing started many years ago, and over time she has used various modalities for treating different ailments. 

After living overseas and travelling the world with her husband she returned to Adelaide, pregnant with their first child and ready for the next challenge in life.

Sonia's first child, a gorgeous baby girl was of course perfect, we all think that about our kids, don’t we? ...or so she thought until her son was born.  Then it all came crashing down. The illusion of perfect kids, a full night's sleep, being able to go to the supermarket without meltdowns and judgement from other shoppers, was all shattered with this one, tiny child.

Her son was a handful to say the least!

As a mother it’s fair to say you just know; you know when something is not quite right with your child but you probably don’t know what.  Initially friends and family would tell her “he’s just a boy - they’re much harder work than girls are”. Okay, she thought, this will get easier; nope!

By the time Sonia's son was 12 months old, she’d used a number of natural therapies with him including Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Kinesiology for general settling, sleeping, colic etc, all of which were helping; but still, something was telling her that things weren’t right.

18 months in, he just didn’t seem to be hitting the milestones he was supposed to, he was becoming increasingly difficult and violent,  life was hard. 2 years in and she was ready to throw in the towel… everyday was a struggle. Sonia couldn’t take him to the supermarket, appointments, shopping, to see friends, life was a nightmare!

When he was nearly 3 they went for a diagnosis and finally an answer.... Autism - well originally it was diagnosed as PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder not otherwise stated), but 12 months later he was reassessed and diagnosed with Autism.

Further down the track, after hours and hours of every type of therapy you can imagine, he was a different child.  A few years on he speaks (actually he never stops), he laughs, he's funny, he can be reasoned with and Sonia can go to the supermarket minus the meltdowns.

By the time he reached school age he was able to attend a mainstream school with his sister. He settled in brilliantly, has kept up with his peers, made a number of fabulous friends and loves going to school. This is something Sonia is incredibly proud of as there was a time in the early days when she thought these days would never come.

Sonia understands; this is so close to her heart, something she wants to and is able to help other families with. Sonia knows how hard it is on parents, siblings and relationships. How children on the spectrum or with any type of disability dictate family dynamics.

There were times when she couldn’t see clearly and thought that things were always going to be hard; but things can change. Sonia can help you and your family get the life you want. She is available for consultation in the Rainbow Tree Therapy Room, for more details contact Sonia on 0432 922 919.