ayus = life          veda = knowledge

Ayurveda is the Indian living tradition of health and wellbeing. Often called the ‘Science of Life’ Ayurveda is a comprehensive system which covers anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnostic systems and treatment strategies.

Over 5000 years old, this ancient science is still relevant today to help find and maintain the balance in life that is required to become truly healthy. Ayurveda counsels that true health is not only physical, but is a state of wellness of the mind, body and spirit.

Jacqueline Iles ~ Living Ayurveda

Hi, my name is Jacqueline and I’m glad you have dropped by!

Here at Living Ayurveda, my aim is to help you find the balance and health you want in your life. I am here to help you learn to nurture yourself, learn the wisdom of Ayurveda and cultivate good habits to bring lasting health on all levels of your being.

I started Living Ayurveda because it is my dharma, my path, to help people to be well and find balance in their lives through sharing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. I love what I do.